Chapter 1: The Parliament

Part I: General

Section 1: Legislative power

Section 2: Governor-general

Section 3: Salary of the Governor-general

Section 4: Provisions relating to Governor-general

Section 5: Sessions of Parliament, prorogation and dissolution

Section 6: Yearly session of Parliament

Part II: The Senate

Section 7: The Senate

Section 8: Qualifications of electors

Section 9: Method of election of senators

Section 10: Application of State laws

Section 11: Failure to choose senators

Section 12: Issue of writs

Section 13: Rotation of senators

Section 14: Further provision for rotation

Section 15: Casual vacancies

Section 16: Qualification of senator

Section 17: Election of President

Section 18: Absence of President

Section 19: Resignation by senator

Section 20: Vacancy by absence

Section 21: Vacacy to be notified

Section 22: Quorum

Section 23: Voting in Senate

Part III: The House of Representatives

Section 24: Constitution of House of Representatives

Section 25: Provision as to races disqualified from voting

Section 26: Representatives in first Parliament

Section 27: Alteration of number of members

Section 28: Duration of House of Representatives

Section 29: Electoral divisions

Section 30: Qualification of electors

Section 31: Application of State laws

Section 32: Writs for general election

Section 33: Writs for vacancies

Section 34: Qualifications of members

Section 35: Election of Speaker

Section 36: Absence of Speaker

Section 37: Resignation of member

Section 38: Vacancy by absence

Section 39: Quorum

Section 40: Voting in House of Representatives

Part IV: Both Houses of the Parliament

Section 41: Right of electors of States

Section 42: Oath or affirmation of allegiance

Section 43: Member of one House ineligible for other

Section 44: Disqualification

Section 45: Vacancy on happening of disqualification

Section 46: Penalty for sitting when disqualified

Section 47: Disputed elections

Section 48: Allowance to members

Section 49: Privileges etc of Houses

Section 50: Rules and orders

Part V: Powers of the Parliament

Section 51: Legislative powers of the Parliament

Section 52: Exclusive powers of the Parliament

Section 53: Powers of the Houses in respect of legislation

Section 54: Appropriation Bills

Section 55: Tax Bill

Section 56: Recommendation of money votes

Section 57: Disagreement between the Houses

Section 58: Royal assent to Bills

Section 59: Disallowance by the Queen

Section 60: Singifation of Queen's pleasure on Bills reserved